21 Minute Pilot "METHOD" - A dark comedic satire about the pitfalls of celebrity worship and the insanity behind Method Acting.

Synopsis:  After a drug-afflicted college student suffers a major psychotic break he finds a book on Method Acting, cons his way out of the Psych Ward and straight into the Casting Offices of the Hollywood Elite.  His "spark of insanity" is just what Hollywood wants, but is it what Hollywood needs?

90 Second Trailer for Pilot "METHOD" -- Directed by Adam Johns

Starring: Jay Nelson, Ben Adams, William Nicol, Kristina Ellery and Josh Adam Meyers

Shot by Will Sampson with B Roll by Stephen Tringali -- Full Cast List on IMDB

Have you ever wondered why there's a "K" in Knife or a "P" in Pneumonia?  Or where the idea for Silent Letters even came from?  Find out in this 3 min. Comedic Sketch that brings you the REAL story behind the Origin of Silent Letters.  Be Warned...you may never be able to look at Words the same way again.

Starring: Skyler Stone, Blake Webber, and Jay Nelson

Shot by Trigg Ferrano -- Full Cast List on IMDB

"Facebook Is Not Your Friend" - Sketch for FunnyOrDie

In today's society, Facebook is practically a living entity--and this sketch explores the idea: What if Facebook were a person? A Dark Comedic Short about the true nature of Facebook.

Starring: Skyler Stone, Brittany Furlan, Ron Jeremy, Andrew Bachelor (KingBach) and Jay Nelson

Shot by Stephen Tringali -- Full Cast List on IMDB

This is a commercial I produced, co-directed and edited for The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience.  Right after this commercial went Viral on Facebook The Basement was deemed "Best Escape Room in the Country." It has since been named as one of the Top 5 Escape Rooms in the World.  (Locations in LA and Las Vegas)

Shot by the lovely Stephen Tringali