About Us

In a Nutshell...

I am a writer who can perform his work.  Whether that be on the stage, on the screen or at a comedy club--one thing is for certain I was born to entertain.

Shot from my Stand-up set at Westside Comedy Theatre in Santa Monica

My Story

The best gift I ever got came when I was about 12 years old.  It was Christmast time and there I was unwrapping what I thought was just a box of shoes but what ended up being a Sony Handicam Video Recorder.  That's right, Video recorder.  For me, this was the greatest gift of all time because it was the gift that kept on giving and with it, my friends and I filmed just about everything.  Before we knew anything about lighting or framing--we were just exploring the extreme plasticity of this medium.  From Jackass-type videos to Mockumentaries, my friends and I made videos that went Viral around town.  Of course Viral back in those days meant people literally passed around our DVDs and VHS Tapes.  Flash forward till now when I'm still filming, still writing and still performing.  At this moment, I'm proud to report two things: 1) I've gotten much better and 2) I still own that Sony Handicam.  Although my "art" has gone through many iterations over the years, all my skills have finally culminated with writing and later this year, I will be releasing my first novel--Consciousness in a Nutshell.

Meet the Team

These three human beings make up the core of any project I ever undertake.  Their attention to detail and level of professionalism is beyond anyone I've ever met.

Stephen Tringali

DP and Producer

Amazing Cinematographer and Documentarian

Lindy Randall


Incredible Producer, Assistant Director and Fiancé

Trigg Ferrano

DP and Producer

Shot The Origin of Silent Letters together.